Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This blog thing.

So I'm going to try out this blog thing and see where it takes me. Probably not very far, considering I have trouble finding the time to update my Dreamwidth account (and that cross-posts to my Livejournal account -- the ultimate in lazy).

Some basic info for people who may have just stumbled in here:

1. I write smut.

2. This smut normally involves two men.

3. Sometimes this smut involves two men and a woman.

4. Torquere Press enables my smut habit by publishing my work and giving me money to buy the smut other people have written. It's a good relationship.

5. Sometimes I trip and some humor falls in my smut. But normally not during sexy fun times. (Okay, maybe, but not in a hokey way. I think.)

6. I only pretend to have control over what I write. When the Muse cracks her whip and puts in requests, personal projects tend to get back-burnered...

I may challenge myself to post here once a week, or every two weeks, or something, but I think you'll understand if I focus on finishing my stories first ^.^

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