Friday, July 16, 2010

Musical Musings

I sit in traffic for a good hour and a half a day, so I flip through a lot of radio stations (sad when I'm happy Elliot in the Morning is on vacay, so I can finally hear some real rock on my drive in. And no, I did not feel the earthquake this morning).

That being said, I'd like to offer the following observations on some songs that I keep hearing over and over again:

"Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon
You, your sex is on fire
And you, your sex is on fire

J thinks: They have creams for that. No really. Even sell them over the counter these days.

"In My Head" by Jason DeRulo
In my head, I see you all over me.
In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.
You'll be screaming no.
In my head, its going down.

J thinks: Please tell me someone has a search warrant for this dude's basement.

"California Girls" by Katy Perry, ftg Snoop Dog
Hangin' out
All that ass
Hangin' out
Bikinis, tankinis, martinis
No weenies

J thinks: I have no words. Wait, I do-- He makes how much a year?

"Alejandro" by Lady GaGa
She's not broken, she's just a baby
But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad

J thinks: Own those issues, girlfriend. If Lady GaGa is the new Madonna, does that make Katy Perry the new Cyndi Lauper only 20x less cool?

"Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz ftg Ludacris
(Whoa) Listen now, I'm only gonna break your heart
And shatter and splatter it all into little bitty pieces (whoa)
Whether or not you get it all together
Then its finder's keepers and losers weepers (whoa)

J thinks: Oh Luda, always so classy. However do the girls keep their panties on?

"Tik Tok" by Ke$ha
I'm talking about everybody getting crunk, crunk
Boys tryin' to touch my junk, junk
Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk

J thinks: She really is like Taylor Swift + Vodka.

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