Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deep tea thoughts...

So much for my resolve to post every week :) In my defense, both me and Mr. Bay have been quite ill of late, with a nasty tummy bug.

I myself prefer the smooth roasted flavor of hoji-cha green tea, but my One Twu Luv prefers Yogi brand Licorice Root tea. I freely admit that I cannot digest anything produced by Yogi tea, if only because I am allergic to most of their filler herbs. Alas, poor heartburn, I knew it well.

But Mr. Bay enjoys his tea everynight before bed, and has this habit of leaving tea bag wrappers and the little tea tags in small piles around the kitchen, for me to discover as I go about tidying things (OCD, moi? Just because everything has it's place. And it's proper angles. And it's proper proximity to each other...)

This week's little ferret hole of discovery:

Experience your own body, your own mind and your own soul.

Without realizing who you are, happiness cannot come to you.

Delight the world with your compassion, kindness and grace.

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