Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Zen brought to you by Yogi Tea

As previously stated, Mr. Bay leaves his Yogi tea tags around like a ferret hoardes shiny things:

Always be pure, simple and honest.

Be kind and compassionate and the whole world will be your friend.

You must know that you can swim through every change of tide.

Serve humanity so that people feel we are kind to them.

Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness.

Unite with your higher self and create a friendship.

There are three values: Feel good, be good and do good.

If you unconsciously live a conscious life, you can never be poor.

Provoke, confront, elevate.

The beauty in you is your spirit.

Those who want to be prosperous must first make others prosperous.

There is a beauty in your presence. Show who you are.

Real happiness lies in that which never comes nor goes, but simply is.

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