Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spotlight: Concur (Courting Series #4)

Concur by J. Rocci
28 pages / 7000 words

Officer Joshua Dabbs has been married to his husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, for six years. So he still remembers what Garrison's like with a wedding to plan, and he knows that when their two good friends, Rick and Emmanuel, decide to tie the knot, he won't be seeing much of his husband until it's over. But Emmanuel needs advice, and Josh finds himself asking questions about his and Garrison's relationship that he hadn't thought of before -- mainly, do they want kids? As usual, Garrison knows what Josh is thinking before he does.

What J says:

So I've noticed that kids or the idea of kids have been working their way into some of my stories like little giggling ninjas, but my household is childfree by choice and going to remain that way, so I've been scratching my head at that. In the end, I blame the Muse and the way she coos over pictures of Neil Patrick Harris, his partner, and their greeting card perfect babies.

Of all the couples I've written, I think Josh and Garrison would be the only ones to really choose parenthood, y'know? Like, just imagine these two badass former Marines getting wrapped around the finger of a little toddler? Garrison will have to be the Bad Cop and have Rules, while Josh totally caves at the first threat of tears.

But adopting a kid doesn't happen over night, and it's not something that would-be parents enter into lightly. So I'm setting the stage here for at least two more stories -- My Charity Sip and one beyond -- where our boys have to adjust their lives to the idea of being daddies. Concur is the first step in that journey, where Josh and Garrison are feeling each other out on the issue while their friends freak out over tying the knot.

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