Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review of Emily Moreton's Going Under!

Going Under by Emily Moreton [Available at Torquere Press and Rainbow Ebooks]
Review by J. Rocci

In Going Under, Moreton explores the story of a new couple edging closer to greater intimacy, held back by mostly by the main character's fears: Connor is transsexual and Ethan is only the second man he's brought home since his transition surgery. Their story is told in reverse, from trying to take that next step, to an hour before at the club where Connor decides to invite Ethan home, to Ethan pursuing Connor for their first date, and then their first meeting.

Moreton handles Connor's fears and anxieties with an empathetic touch, delving into what it means to adjust after transitioning while still focusing on Connor and Ethan's evolving relationship. The two are equals in the relationship and Ethan is a gentleman, wooing Connor and willing to take his cues from the other man. Ethan is enthusiastic but willing to back off if Connor's uncomfortable, and doesn't make it an issue.

All said, "Going Under" is a sweet story where I found myself wrapped up in Connor's worries and touched by Ethan's caring and perseverance. I would love to read more with these two!

Author's Bio:

Emily Moreton has been writing since she was a child, though the erotic fiction didn't come until much later. She's had m/m and f/f short stories published in several anthologies, including last year's charity sip blitz. She lives in Bristol, UK, with her cat, works in the violence against women sector, and is wondering if starting a PhD was actually a good idea after all.

Emily's review of Elizabeth Coldwell's "Plumb Lucky":

Reviewer's Bio:

Since 2006, J. Rocci has published several romance stories with Torquere Press, ranging from contemporary to steampunk to fantasy. A voracious reader from a young age, Rocci currently has a career in research and lives near Washington D.C. with the love of her life and their furry children. She often indulges the whims of her best friend -- and Muse -- when writing, and loves giving her characters happy endings.
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