Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: The Sound of Your Voice by David Sullivan

The Sound of Your Voice by David Sullivan
ebook, 145 pages
Published 2003 by Torquere Press

The Sound of Your Voice was one of the first novels I read at Torquere Press back in 2006 and I still remember it clearly to this day. The author's straightforward tackling of the issues between Deaf and hearing cultures, as well as the way the main characters could have misunderstandings without jeopardizing their relationship, drew me into this story, and I still remember reading through it in one afternoon, forgoing sleep to finish. The book explores the differences between the main characters honestly and respectfully, and in the end, I was rooting whole-heartedly for them and the way they changed each other. Close to DC as I am, I also had fun recognizing the landmarks mentioned!

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