Thursday, September 19, 2013

Charity Sip Blitz is HERE!

2013 Charity Sip Blitz Complete Package
By: 26 Authors


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Get all 25 Sips for just $49.99, 15% off the regular price of $58.74
This package is available in PDF format only.

Welcome to the 2013-2014 Sip Blitz, which is all about all of those who proudly serve and protect all of us!

Who can resist a sexy uniform? From military to medical and police to paramedics; from soldiers of history to starships of the future; from simply sweet to scorching hot, these stories about those in uniformed service -- and those who love them -- will make you laugh and cry in all the best ways.

And since the authors have generously volunteered to donate their proceeds (an amount which Torquere Press will match) to the OutServe charity organization, you get to feel good about this collection before you've even cracked the cover!

**This is a very large zipped file. Please be patient while downloading.**

Start Something New
By: J. Rocci

24 pages / 6300 words

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Sergeant First Class Matt Ridley adopts a new puppy and joins his HOA Board thinking it will get him out of the house more; otherwise the alternative is his well-meaning brother signing him up for online dating sites. Through HOA business, Ridley meets Brett Isaacs, a civilian Army security guard at the base where he works, who also shares his destructive dog woes. A yard planning session with beer and pizza turns into a profession of mutual attraction and a very satisfying ending as they agree to embark on something new.

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