Sunday, February 19, 2017

Crocodylus Acutus cover updated

In my continuing quest to self-publish my back catalog, I have fiddled with Photoshop and created a new cover for Crocodylus Acutus.  The fonts are FullSans from FontSpring and Gigi from PhotoShop, with stock images from Adobe Stock.

Let me tell you, researching all the right licenses and legalities of cover art took more time than creating this cover did, but I had fun playing around in Photoshop and trying out some of the techniques from the hours of tutorials I've been watching.  It's a pretty simplistic cover, and I'm definitely not entering it into any contests soon, but I intend to do more advanced ones for my non-free reads.  Consider this a warm-up that hopefully isn't as hideous as the previous cover.

Next on my list is Courting -- I'm going to make a series cover for each short story previously published and then release them individually as freebies. I plan to spend some time on the anthology version, which will have new stories added to an omnibus format for a modest price.

Until next time...

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