Monday, December 27, 2010

I reviewed "Walking to the Stars" by Laney Cairo

So my most recent in-house review for Torquere was for:

"Walking to the Stars" by Laney Cairo

In the third Australis Liminus novel, the war is over and Samuel is on a secret mission in Australia for the rising World Government's space program. He knows he is under-prepared, and expects hardships, challenges and kangaroos. He wishes someone had told him just how large the kangaroos are, and how scary. And about the magic.

Nick's farm is cold and bleak in the wild winter, but Samuel is grateful for the shelter, and for the chance to be close to Nick. It's there he meets Nick's friend, Talgerit, who is a budding magician with a taste for adventure, no boundaries and far too much enthusiasm. Beyond the farm is a wasteland, ruined by the war, where small outposts of people live surrounded by echoes of the past. Secrets live in the city, too, and bigger challenges face the three of them than forests and ghosts.

All Samuel, Nick and Talgerit have to do is go to the city, find what Samuel's looking for, and get home again.

The future is a long way to walk, even with someone you love.

Also in this series: Running the Nullarbor and Monsters Past.

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