Monday, October 17, 2011

FREE Army Green PDF mini-stories!

I've written ten mini-stories for the Army Green boys and it's starting to get a little unwieldy over here on my journal, so my solution? Make a PDF. Have fun with photoshop while doing it.

This PDF is a free download prepared by me featuring mini-stories written from reader prompts provided during Torquere Press Livejournal hosting days over the last year or so.

The Army Green series is a contemporary romance series set in Kentucky at Glenhaven Farms, where Neil and Ms. Susan have raised, boarded, and shown horses for decades. The focus of the series is their adult grandson, Evan, and all the strays they've taken in over the years. The series started off with Taction, then grew with Army Green and Army Green: Burning Bright.

I've arranged the mini-stories in chronological order, and have included purchase information and excerpts from the three main stories so readers will know if there are spoilers in the mini-stories ahead. I've also provided character summaries for the main characters at the front.

So please, check out the download over here, and let me know whether or not you like it. Does it play nice with your e-reader? Does the formatting work for you? I'd like to make these as stream-lined and accessible as possible :)

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